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The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) is facing unprecedented scales of multiple crisis and ongoing complex emergencies presenting an overwhelming challenge on humanitarian and development aid organizations.


As new emergencies arise each year, and existing ones take longer to be resolved, humanitarian partners are facing increasing challenges that stretch the limits of their delivery capacity to respond to the ever-growing needs of the regions displaced people.


The MENA region is one of the largest transit areas for refugees and migrants in the world.

Your Agency has actively been responding to the needs of refugees in the MENA region and I am sure you will agree that at the very least the basic necessities should be supplied to these refugee camps to help alleviate suffering and restore dignity.

A key essential service is the supply of light and basic electrical power to enable cell phone charging and thus communication. This service can be readily supplied via the distribution of portable solar power devices.

As there is often no existing electricity grid in place these essential devices need to be mobile, affordable, reliable and renewable. Electrical power provides light for improved security and thus helps ensure better protection for the most vulnerable refugees (women and children) at night. This basic necessity alleviates some of the suffering and enables refugees to read, study and cook after nightfall thus improving the opportunity for an education and helping to enriching social living conditions.

With more than 50 Million people displaced due to natural disasters and conflicts, of which 33.9 Million refugees placed directly under UNHCR care, and 3 Billion people living in sub-standard housing without access to electricity grids the time has never been more crucial to supply a reliable, safe and affordable portable solar power solution.


A third of the world’s population relies on biomass fuel in order to fulfill their lighting needs, these types of fuels are not sustainable, cost efficient or effective. Often, bio fuels generate harmful fumes and cause fires. Furthermore they are not renewable, and because of the high costs involved for the supply of these bio fuels they are not always sustainable.

Tyrian International General Trading LLC, based in Dubai being the agent in the MENA region for Wagner Swiss Solar Systems offers a truly innovative solution for refugee needs by being a one-stop-shop for a diverse range of quality portable solar power and lighting devices that cater for both small and medium size applications.

We are committed and motivated to help alleviate refugee suffering by supplying top quality portable solar power energy solutions and believe that it is in everyone’s interest to replace harmful bio fuels with a long term renewable and sustainable solution.

All our portable solar power products have proven to be extremely durable, reliable and affordable.

To learn more about us, and our products please download the brochureYou may also contact us directly on:

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We look forward to supporting your efforts and truly making a difference in peoples lives that need it the most.

Sincerely Yours,

Ramzi Charaf
Managing Partner

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